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Beta Continues for a number of products

PhoenixVerb, R2, M7Control and Excalibur beta has been completed. But there are still betas of all other plugins. You can see the release notes that are included in each installer, but there are a number of common improvements:

  • Fixed a problem that appeared in Logic.  In automation lanes, parameter values could appear as '?'.  Proper values are now shown.
  •  Fixed a problem that interfered with multi-mono in Pro Tools and Logic.
  • Improved behavior with parameter resetting (option-click).
  • Enabled keyboard shortcut selection of parameter automation and display of automation lanes in Pro Tools. (Control-option-command-click and control-command-click).
  • Added some bulletproofing of a very rare situation that could happen when old sessions with certain types of preset names were restored and those presets were missing.  The preset names would have diacriticals and would have appeared as unconverted UTF-8 strings.
  • Tighter control layout for S3/S6 consoles.

Betas may be used by any license-holder, full, NFR or demo.

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